Calcio Storico: Historical Florentine Football

  Did you know that soccer, better known throughout the world as football, was born in Florence? But this isn’t just an average football game. This summer I went to the wildest sport that exists today. My friends had told me it would a really violent and bloody game and man were they right! Calcio Storico is the modern day gladiator sport with men battling on a battlefield while playing football. At the game, you will see men knocking each...

Quasi Quasi and Beta Bar

Beta Bar and Quasi Quasi: The Beat-ing Hearts of Valdarno Tuscany

There are all kinds of social spots, hundreds of cafes and thousands of pubs and bars all over the world. Hired servers and bartenders who can make a good drink in exchange for, usually, a pricey payment. This type of experience is easy to find anywhere and, generally, the experience ends there. However, in my travels to Europe, I found a very special place in one of the most unexpected corners of the world. Where the experience of food and...