Sagona: A Farm to Table Restaurant - A lovely place to grab a bite to eat in Tuscany Italy.

Sagona: A Farm to Table Resturant

Let me start by painting a picture of this hidden gem of a restaurant: at the bottom of Montagna del Pratomagno a narrow road winds up to a beautiful small building, and at first, appears to be a house. Surrounded by a forest this quaint restaurant gives its visitors the feeling of walking into an Italian home. As you park on gravel and walk up to this quaint stone structure, you approach a green glass door, with wooden tables and chairs placed outside on the...

A list of things to do in Humboldt California

5 Best Things to Do in Humboldt, California

Hey guys! I recently visited Northern California and my partner and I happen to go on the one weekend when the California skies opened up and let loose the long-awaited rain that this state has been waiting for, for the past 10 or so years. It was crazy! I have never driven in such terrible weather before but luckily once we arrived, the rain held itself back while we were out exploring its amazing parks and food spots. We stayed at...

Gifts for Adventurers

16 Unique Gifts for Adventurers

Ah, Christmas! The most wonderful time of year. Except for those last few days when you’re feeling the pressure to buy for the last few people on your list. Well, if you happen to know someone who is a traveler and you’re feeling unsure about what to buy, no fear here are 16 unique gifts you can give to that special someone. 1.  A GIFT CARD TO REI, NORTHFACE, ANY MOUNTAIN, ULTA ETC. Everyone has one store that they really...

Adventures of a Lostgirl: Traveling Solo

Adventures of a Lostgirl: Traveling Solo

Solo traveling! So many people cringe at the idea of doing things solo. I have found that one of the most meaningful things about traveling solo is getting lost while finding yourself. They say that “travel is the best form of education” which rings true to me who has learned more in the past two years of travel than in the four years of university. Those who travel learn exponentially more about themselves and the world around them than those who plant themselves...