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Adventures of a Lostgirl: Traveling Solo

Adventures of a Lostgirl: Traveling Solo

Solo traveling! So many people cringe at the idea of doing things solo. I have found that one of the most meaningful things about traveling solo is getting lost while finding yourself. They say that “travel is the best form of education” which rings true to me who has learned more in the past two years of travel than in the four years of university. Those who travel learn exponentially more about themselves and the world around them than those who plant themselves...

A Road Trip to Southern California

A Roadtrip to Southern California

It was finally summer time! My partner and I knew we had to take a road trip South to the City of Angels, Los Angeles. Since he is from Italy he had to see the So-Cal lifestyle for himself, not to mention we bought tickets to the Mayer Hawthorne concert, performing live in San Diego. With our bags packed and the excitement for a new adventure, we headed South on HWY 101 with nothing but a stretch road in front...

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre: Photo Collection

Oh the colors of Cinque Terre! My partner and I collected a lot of photos throughout the Cinque Terre trip. From Monterosso to Vernazza to Porto Venere. Here’s a collection of those photographs we put together. Enjoy, share, like, comment! If you ever get the chance to travel to this amazing seaside area I suggest going in September/ October when the weather isn’t too hot and the tourists are at a minimum. The cloudy sky gave us a dramatic background...