Sofia, Bulgaria

Affordable Adventures: Sofia, Bulgaria

Hey everyone! I am really excited to have my first guest blog post! A new travel blogger, Monica¬†Vaklinova, born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, is here to share some of her insiders’ tips on traveling through this wonderful city on a budget. Monica is passionate about travel writing and promoting healthy lifestyles. She has kindly agreed to write this Affordable Adventures post about her hometown, the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. Check it out! Sofia is a modern city, a capital,...

A list of things to do in Humboldt California

5 Best Things to Do in Humboldt, California

I recently visited Northern California I happen to go on the one weekend when the California skies opened up and let loose the long-awaited rain that the state has been waiting for, for the past 10 or so years. It was crazy! I have never driven in such terrible weather before but luckily once I arrived, the rain held itself back while I was out exploring its amazing parks and food spots. I stayed at the Arcata Historical hotel right in...

Gifts for Adventurers

16 Unique Gifts for Adventurers

The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. Ah, Christmas! The most wonderful time of year. Except for those last few days when you’re feeling the pressure to buy for the last few people on your list. Well, if you happen to know someone who is a traveler and you’re feeling unsure about what to buy, no fear here are 16 unique gifts...

Welcome to Adventures of a Lostgirl

Welcome to Adventures of a Lostgirl

Welcome to Adventures of a Lostgirl blog! What this Blog is About Adventures of a Lostgirl promotes women’s lifestyle of freedom. A lostgirl is not, in fact, lost at all. A lostgirl is a person who lives life on the edge and pushes the boundaries. She lives by her own means and by her own standards with no thought of social norms. Headstrong and outspoken, she takes on the impossible and follows her heart knowing that she can trust it...