Calcio Storico: Historical Florentine Football

Starting in in Florence Italy in the 15th century, the Calcio Storico game has lasted through the centuries and is the closest modern day gladiator event. It takes place in Florence’s city center, Piazza Santa Croce, every year on June 24. Calcio translates to “football” and Storico means “historic” – Historical Football. In fact, this game has a combination of soccer, American football, rugby, boxing and mixed martial arts all in one. King Henry III of France was quoted to...

How to spend 24 hours in Amsterdam

Affordable Adventures: Amsterdam

Amsterdam the capital of the Netherlands! Known for its red light district, marijuana coffee shops, music festivals, water canals, beer, and many many bicycles. This quaint city is a beating heart of culture, beauty, and history. If you’re planning a short or lengthy trip to this city I have some affordable adventures for you to add to your itinerary. European breakfast Nothing like starting your morning with a cup of espresso and a warm butter croissant. Coffee with a pastry...