Calcio Storico: Historical Florentine Football

Did you know that soccer, better known throughout the world as football, was born in Florence? But this isn’t just an average football game. This summer I went to the wildest sport that exists today. My friends had told me it would a really violent and bloody game and man were they right! Calcio Storico is the modern day gladiator sport with men battling on a battlefield while playing football. At the game, you will see men knocking each other...

Berlin - Check out these amazing things to do and see while in Berlin Germany.

Onto Berlin: From the Pub Crawl to the Consentration Camp

After Amsterdam, we made our way to Berlin, Germany. We had booked our next living quarters at Berlin Plus hostel and it was by far the best hostel we stayed in for the duration of our trip. The hostel was huge! It had an indoor swimming pool with sauna, a big game room filled with pool, ping pong and foosball tables plus couches to hang out on, an out door court yard and its’ own restaurant and bar (which can...