San Francisco Seafood

Best Seafood in San Francisco

Not all people have the luxury of eating great seafood. Some have allergies, others don’t live close enough to a harbor to know what fresh seafood tastes like. But those who know and love good seafood when you head to a coastal city or town you are in for a treat with fresh local fish, caught from not so very far away. Along with its charming charisma, San Francisco has some of the best seafood spots in California. So if...

The Five Flavors of Italy

When you think of Italy, what are some of the flavors that come to mind? Tomato sauce? Wine grapes? Olive oil? The Italian food culture is so far embedded into the roots of its history it is often a source of pride among its people. Family recipes passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter held close to the heart of the community. Here you will find the five flavors of Italy as seen by me a San Franciscan living...