How to spend 24 hours in Amsterdam

How to Spend 24 Hours in Amsterdam

We sped down the tracks looking out the train window as my travel companion and I were headed to Amsterdam. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the emerald countryside of the fields and little farm houses that surrounded us. Once we arrived, we stored our baggage in the train station lockers to take a quick look around because our host wouldn’t be home until 1 pm. It was nine in the morning and we had been traveling since 5...

Exploring London for Free

Affordable Adventures: London

I love London! It is such a huge and diverse city with so many awesome things to enjoy and a heartbeat unlike any other city in the world. It’s a place of history, culture, art, fashion, and technology. Initially, I intended to stay a few days but I found myself extending my stay because of all the fun activities it has to offer. With the pound being such a strong currency it makes everything very expensive for a traveler on a budget....


Volpaia: A Hidden Treasure of Tuscany Italy

Chianti Tuscany is a vast area of green hills, vineyards, and forest making this part of the world one of the most beautiful places ever seen. With acres and acres of vineyards its easy to see why it would be the most famous place in Italy for wine.  In addition to the delicious Tuscan cuisine, this area of Italy brings its visitors the sensation of time travel. With perfectly preserved architecture, language and culture a person can feel as though they...

Sleeping in Europe- Types of Accommodations

Sleeping in Europe: Types of Accommodations

Types of Accommodations: Hotels– Staying in hotels are nice but they can be very costly. Yes, they are generally clean and have some services that hostels don’t, but the prices vary from €50 – €200 per night. Hostels– are ideal for the traveler wishing to save money. Depending on where you stay you can pay as little as $10 per night and sleep in a comfortable room with 4-10 other travelers.  The best hostels are filled with bars, pool tables, ping...

Tips for Traveling Europe

15 Tips for Traveling Europe

Before I left for my extended trip to Europe I did a lot of research, but even with all the research I did, I had to learn most of these things on the adventure. So as a current traveler I decided to share all the knowledge I’ve acquired here with you. 1. Do your own research on the web If you’re going to a new country it’s important to understand popular types of transportation (trains and trams), polite salutations, what...