Montepulciano Christmas Market

Montepulciano: A Christmas Market

It’s finally December! Can you feel that warm fuzzy Christmas spirit all around? This time of year always gets my serotonin running high. I love the smell of hot food and cinnamon sticks, pine trees and a fireplace. Although the presents that show up at the bottom of the tree Christmas morning are a very exciting moment; there is so much more to the month of December. Decorated in the holiday spirit and shining lights all around it’s difficult not...

San Francisco Seafood

Best Seafood in San Francisco

Not all people have the luxury of eating great seafood. Some have allergies, others don’t live close enough to a harbor to know what fresh seafood tastes like. But those who know and love good seafood when you head to a coastal city or town you are in for a treat with fresh local fish, caught from not so very far away. Along with its charming charisma, San Francisco has some of the best seafood spots in California. So if...

Sofia, Bulgaria

Affordable Adventures: Sofia, Bulgaria

Hey everyone! I am really excited to have my first guest blog post! A new travel blogger, Monica Vaklinova, born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, is here to share some of her insiders’ tips on traveling through this wonderful city on a budget. Monica is passionate about travel writing and promoting healthy lifestyles. She has kindly agreed to write this Affordable Adventures post about her hometown, the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. Check it out! Sofia is a modern city, a capital,...

Chianti Classico Wine Cellar Tuscany Italy Enoteca Falorni

Greve Chianti: The Enoteca Falorni | Food and Wine

Greve! An unrecognized place in Tuscany Italy, but one which I believe is special because of its wine and cured meats specialty shops. It’s especially lovely because of the Enoteca, also known as a library of wine. The Enoteca Falorni is one of those places that if you don’t know about it you might never notice it was there. From the outside, you don’t see much but a staircase leading down to sliding glass doors. Upon entrance, your eyes bulge at the...

Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award

Wow! So, this was a first for me I was recently nominated for Bloggers Recognition Award from a pretty amazing blogger, Rated By Hanna, thank you Hanna! I have been working on my travel blog on and off again for the past two years and it feels good to know someone might recommend what I have to say about travels and adventures. What is the Bloggers Recognition Award? It’s a way of appreciation between bloggers, as we all know how...