What to Pack: Camping in the Sahara Desert | Winter

January 27, 2018

Camel in Erg Chebbi

This post is for those planning a trip to the Sahara desert from December – March and, are curious about was to pack for the adventure. If you are like me you might assume that the weather will stay warm in the desert. That simply isn’t true. It is quite cold. I have compiled a list of things you should bring with you on your winter trip into the wonderful world of the desert.

Once I arrived in the desert I could only bring what I needed for the night and clothes for the next day. The camel not only had to carry me but also anything I brought with me. So I had to think about the essentials.

Note, this is not glamping. I paid € 85 for a three-day excursion which is the cheapest option for a three-day tour into the desert. I slept in a tarp tent on the ground with a small mattress and a few thick blankets. If you decide to go glamping you will probably have more amenities, like electricity and a bed, but you also pay something closer to €500.

Camera – Make sure all of your devices are fully charged because you are going to want to take as many photos as possible. The color of the sand dunes and the friendly faces of the camels are so wonderous that your clicker finger won’t be able to stop.

Power Bank – There are no outlets in the desert, bring a battery charger to keep your phone and camera charge. I have the Cellular Line power bank and I love it!

Jeans – You may be tempted to try to look glamorous on your camel ride into the desert but the truth is, the saddles are not so comfortable and it is a long ride to your camp. If you don’t wear jeans you may find yourself chafing on your inner legs.

Warm socks – January was freezing where really warm socks. I would even suggest that you dress like you are going to the snow. You will be more comfortable if you can stay warm.

Scarf – I would really recommend bringing your own scarf or buying a scarf. It will keep your head warm and the sand from blowing into your face.

Gloves – The morning after a night in the desert on the return to the bus our hands were freezing in the cold morning air. Bring them just in case.

Warm sleepwear – leggings with sweatpants and a T-shirt with a sweatshirt and a few layers of socks should help keep you warm through the night.

Plastic bag –  There are no trash bins the desert and there are also no bathrooms. You will have to walk out to a private dune somewhere and do your business. Please don’t just throw your waste in the desert, place it in a bag and throw it away when you get back to civilization.

Tissues – Like I mentioned above no bathrooms, so be sure to have something to wipe with.

Feminine Hygiene Products – Bring the brands you like from home. You may not find the labels you like in Morocco.

Camel Ride in the Desert

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