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November 3, 2017

Chianti Classico Wine Cellar Tuscany Italy Enoteca Falorni

Greve! An unrecognized place in Tuscany Italy, but one which I believe is special because of its wine and cured meats specialty shops. It’s especially lovely because of the Enoteca, also known as a library of wine.

The Enoteca Falorni is one of those places that if you don’t know about it you might never notice it was there. From the outside, you don’t see much but a staircase leading down to sliding glass doors. Upon entrance, your eyes bulge at the sight of beautiful arching red brick walls, lined with shelves of the best wine made in Italy. Not only is this an underground wine cellar but with a full restaurant menu as well.

Chianti Classico Wine Cellar Tuscany Italy Enoteca Falorni

A Bit of History

Built in 1893 by Ernesto Leproni, the location was used as a cellar by the Union of Chianti Classico producers in 1906. It was purchased later in 1913 by Count Emanuele Mirafiori d’Alba. Until it was sold to the Gancia di Canelli brothers in 1932. Between the 60’s and 70’s the site belonged to the Paterno family, who were Italian-Americans. Then, in 1975, it was deserted and left in abandonment until 1999 when premises were purchased by the Bencistà Falorni Family.

Enoteca – an Italian word that means wine repository.

The Enoteca Falorni is the largest of its kind in Tuscany with over 1,000 wines and more than 100 for tasting. Along with its extensive library of Chianti wines, there are selections: of wines from other regions, grappa, vin santo (holy wine), sparkling wine, dessert wines and even olive oil for the tasting. This is truly is a great place to visit when touring the Tuscany vineyards and specialty shops.

Chianti Classico Wine Cellar Tuscany Italy Enoteca Falorni

Did I mention there was a food menu?

Balance your palate with a platter of salty cured meats and fragrant fine cheese. Or if you are in the mood for a full meal the menu has a lovely selection of salads, panini (sandwiches), soups, crostini or beef tartar. Although I don’t recommend bringing children here there is a small kids menu for those with their family.

Not a wine drinker? No problem their cocktail list has something for everyone: Bloody Mary’s, martinis, spritz, a selection of beers, herbal liquors and of course non-alcoholic beverages and coffee.

So what makes it so awesome?

When you are ready to start tasting you head to the counter where you can do one of two things:

  1. You can give your credit card to the counter, and they will give you a wine card. At the end of your visit, the amount on the wine card will be charged to your credit card. 
  2. Alternatively, you can place a specific amount on a wine card, and once you run out of funds you can either reload it or return it. 

Chianti Classico Wine Cellar Tuscany Italy Enoteca Falorni

Once you have your wine card and your glass, you head to any of the wine stations which contain about 10 different wines, you insert the card keeping it in the machine and select which wine you want to be poured into your glass. You can choose to have a taste of the wine (€1.50 -€3.75), a half glass (€2.50 – €4.50), or a full glass (€3.00 -€7.00) with the prices of each amount marked below. Once you select the wine you would like to taste, and the amount, hold the glass under the designated spigot and press your selection. 

Chianti Classico Wine Cellar Tuscany Italy Enoteca Falorni

There are 12 stations in total starting from one side of the building with White & Rosè wines, Falorni’s wines, Vertical tasting, then moving on to Chianti Classico Year’s, Chianti Classico Reserve, Supertuscan & Gran selection, Bio & IGT, Montepulciano, Montalcino, all the way to Other regional & sweet wines (where you can try vin santo wine or grappa)  and finally Olive Oil. In addition to its beautiful variation of wines, there is a small display of fine liquors to purchase,  jams, jellies, crackers and sweet pastry you can buy, prepackaged and take home. Click here to see a map of the building.

Chianti Classico Wine Cellar Tuscany Italy Enoteca Falorni

It is not required to book or reserve anything but if you have a group call: 055 8546 404. Or send them an email: and ask about their best offer! 

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    1. I love Italy, and I love this! Particularly that you’ve included some historical and cultural notes; my kind of article! It looks an amazing place; definitely adding to my Italy list.

    1. A library of wine!?
      This sounds like heaven! Plus it’s heaven that you can actually taste! 🙂
      Trying several wines along with a platter of cured meats and cheese sounds like a perfect day! How did you find it?

      1. My husband showed it to me. He lives near the Chianti area and he took me there for one of our first dates. I thought I was in heaven when we walked through those doors. It is pretty awesome.

      1. I had never heard of a place like this before Italy. I mean I had heard of wine tasting when you travel from vineyard to vineyard but I had never seen a self-service tasting with so many different wine companies. So fun!

    1. What an awesome deal!!! It would be so dangerous for me to have a wine card 😛 What a cool experience; it’s now been added to my bucket list!

      1. It was! I’ve gone back there about four times since my last visit. I like showing family members who come for a holiday.

    1. Oh my gosh! This looks like paradise to me. Can I please just try all the wines? Thanks for sharing, this is going on my Italy list for sure!

    1. This seems like a great place to add to any Tuscnay itinerary! However, in the middle of planning an Italy trip for my grandparents and they take wino to a whole other level. Love the wine cards! Will definitely recommend.

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