Croatia: Road Trip to the Krka Waterfalls

August 31, 2017

Krka Waterfalls! This is a must see if you go Croatia. The Krka Waterfalls are located directly between Zadar and Split. Which makes the falls a great stop if you are in the area. It’s the perfect place to hang out and cool off in the hot summer months that Croatia is known for.

Croatia can get hot! While I was there the heat reached well over 40 degrees Celcius (100-degrees Fahrenheit). And if you’re like me, who prefers to be near cool water when the temperature spikes, then the Krka waterfalls are an ideal place to cool off.

For my trip, I spent the night in Zadar, click here to read more about our Affordable Adventures in Zadar, and headed south the next morning on my way to Split with a little detour to the amazing waterfalls of Krka. It’s not very difficult to find as it is located in a national park with plenty of signs directing you to your destination.

I was on a road trip through Croatia so my partner and I took our car. However, if you are visiting Croatia without your own transport there are plenty of tours that can get you there. There are also buses that transport people the to the falls, which you can find here.

How to get there by car

I have a few tips for how to get to there if you have your own transportation. From Zadar to Krka it’s less than an hour by car and is a total of 76.9 km in distance. Note that when you get on and off freeways in Europe there is a toll. The same goes for this destination. From Zadar to the Krka Waterfalls the toll was about € 6 (45 kunas). We passed the toll and followed the signs to the falls.


As I approached the town there was a young man guiding me into a parking lot. I didn’t realize it at the time but you can park in and around the town for free. You do not have to use this parking lot. The pros are your car is monitored the whole time (not that it’s a dangerous area… but still a pro) and will you may be able to find shade to park under while you are away.

The cons are that you have to pay € 10 for all-day parking and you must pay the all-day fee. €10 all day? Ok, that’s not bad. But what I didn’t realize was that I could park my car a little closer to my destination and it’s free. It wasn’t until after I paid and began to walk in the town that I realized there was free parking in the surrounding area.

Oh well, live and learn.

Buying Tickets

You have to walk through the town to reach the ticket stand where they sell boat tickets to reach the falls. The round-trip ticket costs approximately € 25 per person. The boat runs every 30 minutes and brings you there are back whenever you like. The first boat departs from the town at 8:00 or 9:00 am depending if it’s high or low season; the last boat departs from the falls at 20:00 (8:00 pm). You can check out the park’s site here.

Note: You should know that there is a restaurant at the falls but it is cheaper to stop at the many small markets on the way to the ticket stand and grab snacks and drinks for your stay at the falls.

What’s There

The park not only consists of the waterfalls but there are also several kilometers of paths you can walk around to see the river, the many species of plant life and other natural sights. Additionally, there is a small restaurant with a large menu of food if you plan to stay all day. There are also a few stands where you can purchase a granita, some yummy crepes, ice cream or even a souvenir stand with hats, blankets and anything else you may have forgotten to bring.

Krka Wateralls Croatia

What to Pack

What you should bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Water Shoes – this is very important! Like most of Croatia, there are many rock/ pebble beaches and these beautiful destinations have some sharp edges in and out of the water. I can’t recommend this enough, your time there will be less fun without them.
  • Beach blanket – something comfortable to relax on while you’re not splashing in the water.
  • Sunglasses
  • Comfortable walking shoes – this place has a lot of dirt and stone. I wouldn’t wear flip-flops.
  • Cash – as I mentioned before there is a restaurant on site as well as ice cream, pancakes, and crepes and souvenir stands.
  • Goggles – this is optional of course but I love being able to dive in and see the floor of the river where all the fish live.
  • Camera – trust me you’re going to want to document this.

Here is a free downloadable packing list for summer fun!

The Boat Ride

The boat ride to the falls is about 20 minutes and once you arrive there is about a 5-minute walk to the falls. Keep in mind this is a national park so not only do people travel here for the beautiful waterfalls but there is an entire route to hike throughout the area.

Krka Waterfalls Croatia

The Falls

The waterfalls are the only place you can swim and since it was such a hot day hiking was the last thing we wanted to do. So we mostly stay in the water. I recommend you get to the fall as early as possible. On days like these everyone flocks to the water to cool off so it gets very busy very quickly, make sure to arrive as early as possible to beat the madness that the hot summer days bring.

Krk Waterfalls Croatia

That’s everything you need to know about getting to and enjoying the Krka Waterfalls! Have any questions? Comment below.

Krka Waterfalls Croatia
      1. You know, I didn’t see changing rooms but I did see bathroom as you get off the boat and head toward the falls.

    1. The falls look magnificent. Glad to know that they are accessible by boat or car,it is always good to have options.

      1. You can only reach the falls by boat. But it’s a beautiful drive to the park then a lovely boat ride to the falls.

    1. I’ve heard so much of Dubrovnik, Croatia that I don’t have a sense of how far away this location is from there. I love the water and this seems perfect. **Looks up Croatia up on a map to how big of a country it is.** Are you a GoT fan?

      1. I love GoT! We had planned to drive to Dubrovnik but the weather was terribly hot so we headed to a nearby island called Brac and stayed in this sweet little seaside town called Bol, instead. We spent most of the days at the rat tail beach. Amazing! I will be writing about that island in one of my upcoming posts. Have you been to Croatia? If so, what do you think of it?

    1. Never knew much about Croatia until I went to a travel show this year. It seems like there’s a lot to do. But what I love most is the natural beauty.

      1. Yea there is a lot of natural beauty there. The jagged stone mountains and rough terrain is beautiful. I had never seen anywhere like it.

    1. Wow this looks amazing. I’ve heard good things about Hvar and Split.. when’s the best time to visit?

      1. I would say in the off season. Less hot and less busy. May or September, it’s still warm weather but your not melting 🙂

    1. I was just there last month and had no idea that there’s free parking! I can’t remember exactly how much I paid now, but it was definitely more than 10 euro. I got lured into one of the parking lots on the way to Krka. The lot was pretty much empty when we got back, which we were surprised about, but now we know why! Definitely good to know for next time. Also great tip about bringing water shoes – we definitely wish we’d brought some after stubbing our toes many times on the rocks going into the waterfall.

      1. Yeah, my husband decided not to bring his shoes and he was in misery. I felt bad. It’s pretty much the same for all of the beaches we went to in Croatia. The water shoes were the best investment for the whole trip haha.

    1. I have been here – it is so super magical! I cant’t believe how hot it gets but! Did not know that there were walks around the area – how would you rate them?

      1. We didn’t take a hike through the park because it was a super hot day for us too. I’m not sure what I would rate it but I would definitely recommend this place to any one traveling to Croatia. I loved being in the fresh water and seeing the falls. Magical is a great word to describe it.

    1. I’ve been in Croatia a lot ever since I was a child (have family in Zadar) but have actually never been to Krka – only to Plitvice, the other national park. However, am definitely planning on going there next year 🙂

    1. The waterfall looks beautiful. This post makes me want to go to Croatia now.

    1. Even with all the crowd it still looks like a magical place to spend a day by the water. My favourite feature would probably be te spund of the waterfall, I bet it was majestic in the background.

      1. It was! Unfortunately there was a barrier that deterred people from going too close but I’m sure that was safer for the public.

    1. Good tip about the parking! I’ve been to Croatia once but only Dubrovnik and Korcula so I haven’t been lucky enough to get to these waterfalls but it’s definitely on my list for next time.

    1. Oh I definitely want to go here! We only went to Zagreb but want to see more of this beautiful country.

    1. This is such a beautiful area. I’ve never been but really hope to visit sometime. Thanks for the great guide! I just love how beautiful nature can be.

    1. I am looking at going there, though it always looks like its so full of people! You reckon its still worth the visit?

      1. I would say yes definitely. It was crowed but the earlier you go during the day and if you go in the off season you probably wont have to deal with the crowds.

    1. This really is one of those ‘does it look like that in real life’ destinations. Note to self: dig out my crocs for my trip to Croatia next month 🙂

      1. YES! Water shoes are a must here. My husband didn’t bring his and he was in pain. I know what you mean! This is definitely one of those spots that doesn’t need a filter. 🙂

    1. These falls are spectacular!!! They almost don’t look real!! I keep hearing so many amazing things about Croatia I’m really going to have to get there soon. Pinning this post for when I finally do.

      1. Yay! Just don’t go in the hot summer months. We were melting which is why we were either in our hotel room with blasting AC or in the water some where. I couldn’t believe how hot it was!

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