Adventure Packing List: Summer

August 4, 2017

Adventures Packing List Summer

Every time I head out for a new adventure I need to make a new packing list. Which I really enjoy doing and checking things off my list is so satisfying! I know I have everything I need, and best of all I won’t leave home feeling like I forgot something.

The challenge has always been to pack lightly and be prepared for anything.

I’ve finally made a perfect summer packing list to help me stay prepared no matter where I go or what I am doing.

So, I have created a free summer packing list to help you make sure you have everything you need. This list will make sure you are completely prepared without having too much to carry in your up coming adventures.

Below I have listed all of the things on the list and given some suggestions for the brands and models that I have used in the past and really love. For the downloadable PDF scroll to the bottom and click the link.


Backpack – Everyone has a different preference on what type of luggage they want to use. If I am packing pretty light a backpack is useful because it’s fairly easy to carry and I don’t have to check it in the airport. My main backpack is the Women’s Act Lite 60 + 70 SL, and I love it.It holds everything I need, which I’ll admit is a lot. The best thing is that it not too big for me to carry. It was around $200 but its definitely worth buying a comfortable backpack that can hold everything you need and will last for all the traveling you plan to do now and in the future. Aside from the fact that it can hold all of my stuff because of its large compartments and adjustable clips, it also is very well padded on the back and waist

Hard Shell Suitcase – If I’m packing some extra stuff I like the hard shell suitcases. At first, I thought they looked incredibly ugly but I actually love the one I got. It’s sturdy and I don’t have to worry about anything delicate being broken. It’s important to consider what kind of trip you’re taking. Some destinations are more rugged and it’s difficult to pull your suitcase. Depending on where you are a suitcase can be a pain to drag behind you.

Stuff sack – these are great for organizing and condensing your clothes. I highly recommend you get two or three of them. This is only needed if you are using a backpack. The downside is that your clothes might get wrinkled. Packing cubes are better for a suitcase and you won’t have wrinkles in your clothes.

Smaller Backpack – I suggest bring another smaller backpack for day trips. I really love Burton backpacks.

Purse – I may or may not bring a purse (I prefer to have my small backpack with me but if I go out to a dinner then I would prefer to hold my things in something a bit more appropriate.  If I do bring a purse it will be really small which will hold only my wallet and phone. You want a bag that has a zip or buckle at the top, otherwise, it’s easier for pickpocketers to help themselves to your belongings.


Passport – This is, of course, the most important document you will bring with you overseas. Don’t forget it!

Drivers License

Copies – You need to make copies of your passport and drivers license. Just in case your hard copies get lost or stolen. Being in a foreign country without identification is not a happy experience.

Plane and Train tickets

Credit and Debit cards



Insurance Cards –  I’ve never bought insurance but you may want to if you’re having an expensive trip.

Money belt – You may want to keep some extra cash in another place aside from your purse ladies, just in case.


Ok, it’s summer time. If you travel in July or August I stress that you pack comfortable lightweight clothes and only pack things you know you will wear. These quantities are personal but in order to pack light and in necessity this is what I recommend.

3-4 summer dresses

2 T-shirts

1 pair of leggings

2 pair of flowy trousers

2 pair of shorts

2 skirt

1-3 blouses (2 is best)

1-2 bathing suits (one is all you need)

1 light jacket – for cold nights

1 sleepwear outfit

2 bras (one strapless)

4 pairs of socks – depending on how long your trip is

7-10 pairs of underwear – Again depending on how long the trip is.


Slip on shoes– hygiene is very important and you will most likely need cheap sandals to protect your feet from any public showers. Slip on shoes are also nice for easy access to walking in and out of your accommodations.

Nice sandals

Comfortable shoes – I like covers. They can be dressed up and down, they look good, classic and very comfortable. They are also pretty small so they are easy to pack.


A few pieces of jewelry




Sarong –  These are nice because they can be used in so many ways,

Beach blanket

Foldout travel beauty case – I recommend getting a fold out beauty case with a hook because there have been serval places I’ve been where the bathrooms have no counter tops. So I can hook the case on the door or in the shower instead putting everything in the sink, or on the floor.

Makeup – If I know I will be going out a lot to nice places I feel weird without makeup, however, I kind of leave this as an optional thing to pack because I’ve realized I hate wearing making on really hot days. Or if I know I’ll be going to the beach or pool a lot then I tend to leave it behind. There is really no point unless you buy some awesome waterproof mascara and eyeliner. So here is my suggestion don’t pack all of your makeup, pack only the essential.


Chapstick – A must!

Hair brush/comb

Hair cream/ spray

Hair ties/ Clips

Sunscreen – A must!

Tooth brush/ paste

Small bottle of soap

Small bottle of conditioner and shampoo


Small lotion bottle

One shaver with changeable heads

Feminine Hygiene

Microfiber towel– This is an essential1 It dries quickly and takes up very little space in the backpack (I brought two with me to Europe) and is gentle on my hair.



Tablet or computer

Cameras – Don’t forget any camera accessories – mounting pieces, cords, hard drive, memory cards or extra batteries.


Phone – I bought an international phone with an international chip and paid monthly minutes. I would suggest that if your phone companies have reasonable prices just stick with what you have. And definitely, download the Whatsapp application. I used this app a lot because it’s totally free and all of the people I met in Europe and became friends with use this app. I used it to keep in touch with them as well as my family without having to pay a cent for messaging or calls. LOVE IT!




Travel Pillow

Water Canteen – make sure to buy with clip in order to attach it to your backpack.

Power converter/adapter – This is the power converter I bought and it worked great. The only country I had I hard time with it is in Italy. The prongs on my converter were too big. But it wasn’t a big deal to buy a new one when I got to Italy. It’s called a Continental Europe Grounded Adapter PL (Around € 7 in Italy).

Medicine – I pack a bottle of Ibuprofen.

Ear plugs– SO important, especially when you’re staying in hostels, big cities, sleeping on the train, plane or boat. They don’t take up much space in your bag and you really never know if you’ll need them. Trust me on this.

A nice Pen and a Journal

Book to read during travel time


Card/ Games


Flat Iron

Hair dryer – These last two things are bulky and heavy so I don’t like packing them. I have curly hair and I have learned to deal without these items. Many hotels provide at least a hair dryer and in the summer time, it’s good for your hair to dry naturally.

That all I’ve got! I hope you find this helpful. Remember when it comes to traveling, ultimately less is better. If you do some shopping before your trip makes sure buy clothes that you can mix and match easily so as not to overpack. And if you do end up over packing it’s ok to let things go along the journey.

Click Adventure Packing List: Summer to download the free PDF file, or pin for later.

Also, click What’s in Your Carry-On? to learn about a smart carry-on suitcase.

Happy travels!

    1. Wish I had this years ago- I am always packing way too much and having to dump it along the way!

      1. I have gone traveling for a year and after 6 months I would just let go of things I wasn’t using. Glad you like the post!

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