Sagona: A Farm to Table Resturant

March 14, 2017

Sagona: A Farm to Table Restaurant - A lovely place to grab a bite to eat in Tuscany Italy.

Let me start by painting a picture of this hidden gem of a restaurant: at the bottom of Montagna del Pratomagno a narrow road winds up to a beautiful small building, and at first, appears to be a house. Surrounded by a forest this quaint restaurant gives its visitors the feeling of walking into an Italian home.

As you park on gravel and walk up to this quaint stone structure, you approach a green glass door, with wooden tables and chairs placed outside on the deck. Upon entering this lovely restaurant, there is a simple elegance that envelopes its visitors with its natural wood floors, tables, chairs, and ceiling. Delicate sun-dried flowers in vases and cotton napkins with silverware placed precariously on each table. The warm sunlight pours into the room and warms the heart and encourages its visitors to relax and have a nice long lunch.



Sagona started as an agricultural farm where it grew and sold vegetables year round, then, in 2014, it opened its restaurant doors to the public where people come to enjoy its Friday, Saturday or Sunday lunch.

Because of its history, Sagona is a farm-to-table restaurant with a contemporary, minimalist atmosphere that focuses its unique cuisine on the locally farmed, seasonal produce and locally grown beef, chicken, and other proteins.

As I sat down to see the weekly menu, which typically holds only a handful of appetizers and entrees my appetite grew, as I had been here before and were looking forward to its newest dishes. Paired with a choice of Sagona’s own red or white wine (Gatto Rosso or Fon Fon) the flavors of this simple food blossoms on the palate leaving you wanting more.

The simplicity of the food lends to the sensation of eating truly farmed meat and vegetables. I take a bite and I can smell and taste each ingredient added to each dish. I am not overwhelmed with so many additions of sauces, and spices I can flavor each mouthful with appreciation of high quality culinary expertise.

The brevity of their menu is due to the idea of preventing waste. In fact, nothing here is wasted. There is a term in Tuscany called scarpetta – which, strangely translates to “little shoes” – where every last bit of food on the plate is wiped cleaned with a piece of bread.

Sagona Menu

Dessert Sagona restaurant


The care and love in, not only their dishes, but each ingredient from the garden just outside its doors, makes a significant difference in the quality of each meal. By supporting its local animal farms, vineyards, and olive groves this special place stimulates its own community’s economy.

Aside from its amazing wine selection, you can also find and buy their olive oil, as well as locally made honey and light brown sugar from Brazil. If you are a foodie like myself who values the importances of self-sustaining all natural restaurants this is a must see on your tour of Tuscany, Italy.

Thank you, Roberta Polloni for taking the time to sit down with me and talk to me about this unique place.

I love this place so much I even had my wedding reception here. We chose the near by stream to have our photo shoot and chose a lovely selection of in season dishes for our lunch. Click here to see a few of the wedding photos.


Sagona- A Farm to Table Restaurant
    1. First of all, I love your photos. You have an eye for detail! I must go to this place…I’m going to look it up and write it down for when I get to that area. It’s never too long until I’ll make my way back to Italy. How completely charming this is!

    1. Oh my, this looks incredibile! That menu is full of some of my favourite Italian eats. How did you find this place?

      1. Actually, I’ve been traveling to Italy a lot because my now husband is Italian. This place is a friend of ours and we don’t live too far from it. It’s even where I had my wedding reception, thats how much I love it. And it’s not expensive!

    1. What a special place. I think that you know the food will be spectacular when the place only opens every so often and the menu is given a reshuffle every time. Sagona sounds like a wonderful concept, sustainable, fresh, delicious. Take me to Tuscany!!

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