5 Best Things to Do in Humboldt, California

March 8, 2017

A list of things to do in Humboldt California

Hey guys! I recently visited Northern California and my partner and I happen to go on the one weekend when the California skies opened up and let loose the long-awaited rain that this state has been waiting for, for the past 10 or so years. It was crazy! I have never driven in such terrible weather before but luckily once we arrived, the rain held itself back while we were out exploring its amazing parks and food spots. We stayed at the Arcata Historical hotel right in the town’s’ square. If you are ever planning on heading NorthWest here are a few suggestions for your trip!

1. Take a hike in Redwood park

You can’t visit this amazing green countryside without exploring the redwood forest. Standing among these giants with the surrounding lush green plant life gives one a revitalizing breath of inferiority. Without having to drive very far from the center of Arcata it takes about 5 minutes to get to the Redwood Park right behind Humboldt State University (Go Lumber Jacks!) It’s easy to get turned around but the paths are well-marked, so there is no chance of getting lost.
Humboldt Adventures in the treesHumboldt AdventuresAdventures in Humboldt trying to post a photo

2. Head North to see the wild Elk

If you head a little further North of Arcata, about 45 minutes, there is a tiny town, Orick, where the wild Elk gather to graze on the dewy grass in the afternoon sunlight. We drove into a campers park where a herd of wild Elk were enjoying the moment warm sunshine.

As we were observing these amazing creatures, we watched as the bull of the herd came to stand directly in front of my car, while the females leaped gracefully across the roadway, then playfully dance around the field once safely across. Although it is tempting to get closer, it is unwise to underestimate them. I am sure many people get out of their cars to get a closer look that these amazing creatures, but it’s important to remember that as beautiful and gentle looking as they are, they are still wild. And when we are in their territory it’s always better to take precaution and stay clear. Trust me, they are just an awesome when viewing them from your car.

Humboldt Adventures

3. Find a good brewery

Arcata and Eureka have some amazing breweries where you can enjoy finely micro-brewed beers, and on Saturday evenings can even enjoy a local live band. Getting drunk while listening to a hipster guitarist makes for a fun night out.

Humboldt Adventures beers

4. Eat oysters!

Once a year around June, Arcata hosts an Oyster festival where the local restaurants shuck shells and broil or grill huge oysters with their own special sauce. The festival is a lot of fun but there are plenty of places that offer their own special oysters year around. It’s my favorite thing to do whenever I can visit. Humboldt Bay Provisions in Old town Eureka is a great place to try some amazing oysters each with a different topping.

Humboldt Adventures oysters

5. Take a walk along the beach

With the surrounding forest and the coastal beach, Humboldt is a unique place where you can have the best of these two worlds. Not many places in the world have the marvelous giant redwoods meeting the vast fresh Pacific ocean.

Humboldt Adventures oceanAdventures in Humboldt Humboldt AdventuresHumboldt Adventures

There you are! Five of my favorite things to do in Humboldt, Ca. Have you been to Northen California already? Comment below and let me know what are your favorite things to do!

5 Best Things to do in Humboldt California
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