Adventures of a Lostgirl: Traveling Solo

December 15, 2016

Adventures of a Lostgirl: Traveling Solo

Solo traveling! So many people cringe at the idea of doing things solo. I have found that one of the most meaningful things about traveling solo is getting lost while finding yourself.

They say that “travel is the best form of education” which rings true to me who has learned more in the past two years of travel than in the four years of university. Those who travel learn exponentially more about themselves and the world around them than those who plant themselves in one location for their whole lives.

After I graduated University I bought a one-way ticket to Europe with no plan and no idea how or when I would return home to San Francisco. Often people thought I was a little crazy; they were amazed and surprised that a young woman like myself would venture off into the open world solo.

And to be completely honest I would be lying if I didn’t say I had moments of panic. But I would tell myself, “I had all of the power and I could be strong enough to handle anything.” And I did.

In travel, you will inevitably come across some bumps in the road. Things will happen that put your abilities to the test. While I was in Barcelona I arrived at the apartment I was renting at 3 am only to realize I was locked out and had to find another place to sleep for the night. Since all of the surrounding hotels were booked I didn’t find a place to sleep until 5 am and had to pay € 300 for a few hours worth of sleep.

Sometimes I have to ask 50 people about which train to get onto makes sure I’m in the right place at the right time headed in the right direction. I’ve had an undercover German policeman pull me off the train because I didn’t purchase a ticket for the underground tube.

As a solo traveler, I had to figure things out as I went along. I couldn’t be afraid to put myself out there and ask for help. I almost had no other choice but to go up to strangers see if they spoke English and ask for assistance.

I rarely came across unkind people, in fact, most people were more than helpful and some of them even became good friends. A solo traveler should always err on the side of caution, but don’t imagine everyone is a bad person.


I proved to myself that I can do anything, and I can get through anything. I am a brave, headstrong, young woman who is capable of doing what she sets her mind to. You’ll cry in the crazy moments and then laugh at them later.You’ll feel yourself growing as you travel. There is nothing more valuable in life than to have adventures.

You’ll cry in the crazy moments and then laugh at them later.You’ll feel yourself growing as you travel. There is nothing more valuable in life than to have adventures.

Adventures of a Lostgirl: Traveling Solo

Adventures of a Lostgirl- Traveling Solo - You should never have fear of being alone in another country. Here's a little tip: it's more fun. Click to check out why.
    1. Beautifully written Lindsey and you’re really amazing! I’ve been doing plenty of reading about solo female travelers lately and everyone of you is inspiring and I really admire your courage and strength.

    1. Wonderful advice for aspiring solo travellers (like myself). Currently I am taking my children with me on trips (one at a time because it’s cheaper that way!), but eventually I’d like to just be able to go wherever I want, whenever. Ahh we can all dream, can’t we?

      1. Thats great! You can also spend more intimate time with your kids individually and when you are able to travel all together it will feel all the more sweeter. Happy travels Beth! Keep working toward those dreams 🙂

    1. I think solo travel is about having adventures all the way. Also, about being happy in your own company, taking risks and having oodles of self-reliance. Enjoy!

      1. I agree! Being happy in your own company and figuring out how to roll with the punches. Happy adventures!

    1. This is a great insight into solo travel, we have almost always travelled as a couple which is great for us, but us too have experienced some of the same things. Travelling really does put you out of your comfort zone in many different situations which is great as it always helps build your confidence!

      1. I totally agree! It feels good though when you over come those difficulties. It almost makes you think you can overcome everything.

    1. I think you are very brave to travel solo. And yes, I do think you have to opportunity and the will/need to talk to the people around you, making friends!

      1. Thank you! Yea, it’s important to put yourself out there and not be afraid to try new things. 🙂

    1. By travelling solo you willmeet many more people than if you travel with a partner. Its more fun and you dont have to wait for anyone.
      People have been travelling by themselves for centuries (including myself with 45 years of travel)even before the internet age started calling it solo travel, so chill and enjoy life.

      1. 🙂 That’s very true. You do meet a lot more people traveling alone because when you are with someone else its possible to be more closed off. I read an interesting article about the joys in travel and how social media effects us. The question that was propositioned was, would travel be as enjoyable to the younger generation if there was no such thing as social media? It got me thinking about those to travel just to share, versus those to travel to experience.

    1. I agree that solo travelling is challenging – but also you have no choice but to reach to the world, to get in contact with people and eventually to get better and strongly. Great post!

    1. Traveling is indeed about getting lost only to discover many things. First and foremost your journey inwards helps you to discover yourself. You also discover new places and experiences. Ones’ perspective of the world changes into a more 360 degree panoramic view rather than a narrow band of vision.

    1. Cool story! You were a brave young girl. Funny thing, those glitches and having to roll with the punches give us so much strength for the future. 😉

    1. I’ve been solo traveling for more than three and a half years now and I love it. Sure, things happen but they’re just part of the story. Good luck and safe travels to you!

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