What’s in your Carry-On?

September 26, 2016

What's in Your Carry-on

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I have a week until my plane leaves U. S. turf and I head back to my beautiful Italy. I’ve begun to put my list of things I need to pack and I thought a short-and-sweet post about my carry-on items would be a perfect way to kick off this upcoming adventure. Before I jump into my carry-on list there are a few simple rules I like to keep in mind as I dress for the journey.

Rule 1

Don’t dress like you’re going to a cocktail party. I know we all want to look glamorous at the airport but the worst thing is standing in the security line waiting for someone to take off each earring, bracelet, necklace, belt etc. Keep it simple. This will help things go smoothly and quickly and you won’t have people giving you a sideways look.

Rule 2

Wear slip-on shoes! They will be more comfortable and will also help things go faster in the security line.

Rule 3

Wear comfy pants. International flights are very long. If you have your jean pants digging into your sides on a 15-hour plane ride, you will be regretting it later.

While everyone has their own preference on how to fly, it’s definitely good to keep these rules in mind.

Ok so here are some staple items that I like to carry as I board a 15-hour flight:

  1. Phone – My phone, like many other people, is an extension of my arm. Having my phone with me at all times makes me feel safe and connected to those I love – especially traveling abroad. I want to be able to call my friends and family if I miss them or if there is an emergency I want to have access to help.
  2. iPad – my iPad or laptop is my main form of entertainment on the plane. It has all of my games, music, articles, movies, pictures, and literature. Once it’s safe to turn on electronics I pop on my computer and spend hours reading, writing, and listening to music or movies.
  3. Passport – Can’t leave the country without it!
  4. Plane tickets – Can’t get on the plane without them!
  5. Wallet – Keep this close to you at all times. If you ever get in trouble you may just need to buy your way out – you never know!
  6. Makeup wipes – I like keeping these in my bag to help me refresh my face throughout the journey.
  7. Hydration cream – since you’re on a 15-hour flight you might as well pamper yourself. Just kick back, relax and let the plane do all the work. Flying also tends to dry me out so keeping a moisturizer with me helps my face from drying out.
  8. Eye mask – While you’re relaxing you can block out the sun and noise with a few helpful items like an eye mask and earplugs. Never know if you’ll be sitting next to a screaming baby.
  9. Headphones – I don’t particularly like the complimentary headphones from the airlines. So I always bring my own.
  10. Makeup bag – I like to have an essentials makeup case with CC cream, eyeliner, two or three shadows and chapstick. It’s good to arrive looking fresh and ready to go out for dinner or a cocktail.

There you have it! Everything I like to have with me on my journies abroad. Feel free to comment below and tell me what are your staple carry-on items!

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