The Colors of Viareggio Carnival

July 19, 2016

Carnival Viareggio

Viareggio Carnivale! This event is considered the most important Carnival festival in Italy and even in all of Europe. This history of  Carnival in Viareggio stretches all the way back to 1873 when the locals of this seaside town wanted to protest against the rising of taxes. You can see in the photos below how the floats have a political commentary attached to each display as it cruises down the promenade.

The air filled with confetti, and the bright colors surrounding me made me smile all the way through. As it was a beautiful day on the coast of Viareggio, with a crisp breeze in the air, we walked down the street taking in all the bursting colors.


Fifty-foot paper-maché statues towered over the crowd as we watched the performers dressed in colorful costumes dance down the street. Not only were the performers were dressed up, but many families came dressed up for the event. It almost felt like Halloween.


The music blaring from the largest floats, had the whole crowd dancing along. After a linguini pasta dinner, we headed over to the water to sit in the sand and watch the sunset. The night is finished off with an amazing show of fireworks. After a full day of costumes, colors, music, dancing, and food we piled in the car and headed home full of the day’s events.





    1. Your photos do speak for themselves. Nicely captured. I am curious to know more about the festival that you shared.

      1. Thanks! It’s the Carnivale della Viareggio that happens every year in Italy. There are three weekends of parades leading up to the Marti Gras holiday and this is the largest parade in all of Italy!

      1. Yes, it’s Carnivale. They celebrate it through-out Italy for three weekends leading up to Marti Gras. This parade has the biggest floats in all of Italy 🙂

    1. Wow, I love these photographs, they are soooo colourful. Great post! xxx

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