Zip Lining in Sonoma County

June 23, 2016

Zip lining in Sonoma Country

Stepping out of the car the beautiful redwood trees surrounding me as I breathe in the fresh smell of dampened dirt… oh yeah… it was raining as we zip lined through the canopy of the Sonoma Redwood forest.

Oh yeah… it was raining

When signing up for the course I was feeling super adventurous, so I choose to do the Challenger course, which includes several sky bridges, a 1500 ft zip line and a 100 rappel. The whole course took about 5 hours from getting picked up from the front desk to the return.

The first obstacle was, of course, the 1500 foot zip! Heart pounding I jumped off the ledge and felt like Peter Pan flying through the forest with the giant redwoods surrounding me. It was a bit scary and completely liberating. The platform at the other end of the line was too far away to see so it was a total rush of exhilaration for the 30-second flight to get from one side of the canopy to the next.

Our two guides were a wonderful pair, keeping us laughing and safe. They were very experienced instructors and as one lead the group in front to catch on-comers, the other was the last to help each zipper take-off. I thought the rain might stop us from zipping, I even thought it might not be as much fun as if it was a sunny day. But I was surprised at how amazing it was!

Sonoma Canopy Zip LiningSonoma Canopy Zip Lining

The most difficult and scary obstacles were the sky bridges. There were three sky bridges we had to cross. Although I was securely harnessed to my rope, stepping across wet wood over a 50-foot drop was no easy task. I’m generally not afraid of heights, but this experience was a good adrenaline pumper.

Stepping across wet wood over a 50-foot drop was no easy task.

I recommend the Sonoma Canopy Tours, the prices were, in my humble opinion, equal to the experience. I would love to do this again and highly recommend this experience to everyone. It feels good to jump off the edge of something and survive, you almost feel invincible.

Ziplining Through Samona County - Check out Sonoma County California Canopy Tours. Zip line through the red woods and feel the exhilaration of flying through the air.

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