Volpaia: A Hidden Treasure of Tuscany Italy

December 31, 2015


Chianti Tuscany is a vast area of green hills, vineyards, and forest making this part of the world one of the most beautiful places ever seen. With acres and acres of vineyards its easy to see why it would be the most famous place in Italy for wine. 

In addition to the delicious Tuscan cuisine, this area of Italy brings its visitors the sensation of time travel. With perfectly preserved architecture, language and culture a person can feel as though they have stepped back into the medieval era. As you drive through the countryside you will often see people working in their gardens, herding sheep, pulling wagons or driving old rusty tractors. 

After visiting several beautiful towns in this part of Tuscany I have to say my favorite town for food and wine is Volpaia. This town, which is originally known for its clock and astronomical instrument makers, is placed at the top of a hill giving a beautiful panoramic view of the Chianti countryside. It is the perfect place to escape to if you are looking for a quiet countryside atmosphere with the tastes of true Tuscan food. 


Upon entering the center of the town to the left you see a restaurant and large church and to the right bar Bar-Ucci. Bar-Ucci is an adorable little wine bar where you can find amazing traditional Italian foods and the Chianti Classic wines at very reasonable prices. The menu consists of an assortment of pasta, ravioli, salami with cheese plates, bruschetta platters and red and white wines from the local Chianti area.

The best part of all of this tasty food is that it is all the vegetables and herbs used in these amazing dishes comes straight from the restaurants personal garden growing across the street. You can really taste the difference in the quality of this organic, homemade food. Along with the flavorful food is the wonderful atmosphere that can be found in this quaint place.

11911786_725545364239613_893353516_nThe boisterous personality of Paola Barucci, the owner of this lovely restaurant, can be heard sometimes upon approaching the restaurant where she gives lots of love to her friends and new customers, making sure all who come feel welcome and is enjoying her food.

Bar-Ucci is a family own restaurant, which is evident from the numerous pictures hanging on the walls of each of the rooms and menus. Pictures of Paola’s mother, father sisters and other distant relatives and friends show a documentation of history in this little town that is normally uncommon to witness. You can see and feel the generations of family that has made this wonderful place what it is today. It’s a warm atmosphere to be in, especially as the Italians love the mixture of food and company, this place brings the Italian cultural beliefs’ together in one beautiful little town.


The owner of Bar-Ucci, through her knowledge of wine, has connected with many people in and out of the Chianti area. Now, all the wine she serves in her bar is from wine producers she knows personally. She cares about the quality and the love that goes into producing red and white wines.


While this place is not a touristic location there are plenty of international travelers looking for a piece of true Tuscan life. And I assure you, this is it! Although the restaurant takes some time to get to, I have gone to Volpaia about tens times and have loved my experience of the people and food every time.

Volpaia: A Hidden Treasure of Tuscany - If you are traveling in the Chianti area this is a must-see place.

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