Affordable Adventures: London

December 31, 2015

Exploring London for Free

I love London! It is such a huge and diverse city with so many awesome things to enjoy and a heartbeat unlike any other city in the world. It’s a place of history, culture, art, fashion, and technology. Initially, I intended to stay a few days but I found myself extending my stay because of all the fun activities it has to offer.

With the pound being such a strong currency it makes everything very expensive for a traveler on a budget. Luckily London has many free activities available to the public. If you check out this list you might be able to see some really awesome things free of charge.


  • Come take a look at some amazing ancient artifacts at The British Museum from Egypt, Greece and more.



  • Take in the beautiful landscape of Hyde Park which covers about 350 acres.
  • St. James’s Park is a cute park to catch your breath and take a stroll. Watch the locals play soccer (football) or bring food and have a picnic.


  • Hangout at Greenwich Park and look out at the Thames River and Central London.

London - Thames

  • See the Prime Meridian Line at Vista Park.
  • Placed next to the Kensington Palace is the Kensington Gardens where you can also see the infamous Peter Pan statue.
  • If you looking to get away from the city you can check out these parks in Bromley.

Sight-seeing Spots

  • Check out Platform 9-¾ at Kings Cross train station where Harry Potter crossed through the barrier on his way to the Hogwarts Express. Close by is a Harry Potter souvenir store.
  • Cross the Millennium bridge and check out St. James cathedral where they filmed Mary Poppins and where the woman feeds the birds, tuppence a bag. To the opposite side of the bridge is the Tate Museum and the Shakespeare Globe.
  • There’s Abbey Road where the Beatles strutted across the street for their album cover.
  • Big Ben the most famous landmark in England.


  • Walking through Piccadilly Circus where you can shop at all the name brand stores or sit on the steps and people watch.
  • Walking across the London Bridge at night when it’s lit up. I’ve also heard it’s good luck to see the bridge open.


  • Walk through Camden Town and the international food market. It may be difficult to hold on to your money here because of all of the amazing jewelry, clothing and souvenir shops. The international market has an awesome array of ethnic foods.
  • Smell the flowers at the Columbia Road Flower Market where you can find anything from bedding flowers to 10-foot banana trees.
  • If it’s too hot or cold outside head into the  British Library to relax and enjoy the smell of old books.


I’m sure there are plenty more things that I am missing on this list but this is a pretty good start if you’re looking to see the wonderful culture and history of London and save a bit of money.

Affordable Adventures: London - Cheap travels. There is so must to do and see for free in London.
      1. Your welcome! I thought the same thing before I went to London and was relieved to find so many affordable things to do. Happy travels!

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